In 2017 SCHMALE LOGTEC united its in-house development, production and storage facilities. On an area of 7,000 m², a building complex was built with a 1,800 m² production and warehouse hall as well as 270 m² office space.

Everything from one source

SCHMALE LOGTEC produces high-quality products for innovative logistics solutions on cutting-edge lines and machines. SCHMALE LOGTEC also delivers individual components that customers can integrate into their systems. Individual custom solutions and customer-specific test set-ups are created in the new production hall in a direct dialogue with the engineers.

For efficient workflows

The production facility is directly adjacent to the office building. It is home to the Engineering and Design departments as well as Administration and Customer Support. This is the best way to ensure efficient workflows.

“Planning, design, manufacturing and warehousing at one location guarantee short paths.”

Production with added value

The building, machine pool and technical equipment are state-of-the-art. This is the best way for the company to do justice to its own high quality benchmark.

From sheet metal to system

The performance spectrum ranges from sheet metal machining through the assembly of component groups to pre-assembled flow channels for containers and roller conveyors. Customers benefit directly from the well-organised production with its great manufacturing depth: Plasma cutting, punching, edges, profiling, mounting and order picking are all together in a multifunctional production hall. This enables maximum flexibility with respect to the product design.

From Warburg out into the world

The location in central Germany is easy to reach by road, rail and air. This guarantees fast and inexpensive transport to international customers.

“Modern production with a great manufacturing depth makes maximum flexibility possible.”


  • Modern production

  • High-quality components

  • Efficient workflows

  • Modern machine pool

  • Great production depth

  • Flexible product design

  • Short paths to the customer