Flow racks

Simply genius

Flow racks from SCHMALE LOGTEC mean that boxes and containers can be stored and picked efficiently, reliably and effortlessly based on the FIFO principle.

Efficient material flow

The containers or cartons run on the slightly inclined roller track through the flow rack from the replenishment to the removal point by means of gravity. Brake rollers automatically regulate the speed if necessary. Optimum use is made of warehouse space, and in-house transport and order picking paths are minimised.

Accessories – flexible all-round

The flow frames can be integrated in customers’ rack systems using adapters or they are hooked into our own support frame system.
To this end, we use our highly durable turnaround carriers to half the hole pattern in supports or adapters again This allows precise setting of the vertical arrangement and gradient.
The flow channels can be configured easily without any tools. This means they can be adapted to the respective warehouse goods at any time.
There are all kinds of solutions for adapting the flow racks to the various requirements, such as inclined order picking shelves, attachment options for pick-by light displays at various angles etc.
There is also a wide range of accessories, such as conveyor equipment brackets and steps.

“The gravity-based FIFO principle saves space, minimises order picking effort and speeds up access.”


  • Space-saving system with a high storage density

  • Minimum driving paths

  • Fast access based on the FiFO principle

  • Extremely durable

  • More modular, flexible structure

  • Resistant to stacker bumps

  • Automatic loading is possible