Our Products

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Roller strips

Roller strips are the core products of SCHMALE LOGTEC. They are the smallest modules and the basic components of our intralogistics solutions, and are usually based on the gravity principle.

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Flow racks

Flow racks from SCHMALE LOGTEC mean that boxes and containers can be stored and picked efficiently, reliably and effortlessly based on the FIFO principle.

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AKL flow channels

These flow channels for automatic small part warehouses are made up of angle supports and roller tracks.

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Shuttle flow channels

The solid shuttle flow channels by SCHMALE LOGTEC are first choice when it comes to putting loading units into and out of storage or re-storing them using vehicles.

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Pallet roller tracks

SCHMALE LOGTEC also supplies standard and special solutions for heavy weights. The standardised roller tracks are available for flow or push back, and as floor-standing tracks or integrated in the rack.

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Retrofit for existing rack systems

It is often more economic to modernise and/or reorganise existing systems than purchase new plant. SCHMALE LOGTEC is happy to manage the entire project.

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Automated systems

Gravity channels are used in various automated systems. SCHMALE LOGTEC supplies the necessary components and can handle all engineering work including test set-ups and assembly if required.

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Special solutions

The ambitious aim of SCHMALE LOGTEC is to find solutions where others usually only see problems. This requires a thorough understanding of the processes, finding out exactly what tasks have to be accomplished and breaking new ground if necessary.