Retrofit for existing rack systems

Economic live-cell therapy

It is often more economical to modernise or reorganise existing systems than buying new ones. SCHMALE LOGTEC is happy to manage the entire project.

Good reasons for a retrofit

Typical reasons for retrofitting include growing demands, outdated systems, lack of spare parts, the desire to save time and costs as well as more stringent legal stipulations.

Optimise engineering and processes in a targeted manner

The modernisation concept for the technology and processes is prepared on the basis of an analysis of the weaknesses of all the components, systems and interfaces on site. They are designed to be more productive, efficient and durable with minimum time and financial input. This works independently of specific workflows, designs and brands, and is carried out without downtime in ongoing processes as far as possible – even on public holidays or at the weekend if you like.

„During retrofitting, we optimise existing systems with the smallest possible economic input.“


  • More effective system

  • Little investment

  • Fast implementation

  • For all makes

  • Modernisation during on-going operations