Special solutions

The ambitious aim of SCHMALE LOGTEC is to find solutions where others usually only see problems. This requires a thorough understanding of the processes, finding out exactly what tasks have to be accomplished and breaking new ground if necessary.

Active thinking

When new building work or conversions are being planned, the particular focus is on smooth workflows, a problem-free material flow, short paths, space-saving architecture, time-saving processes, high flexibility and minimum interfaces. Smart components and their harmonious interplay are always crucial here.


SCHMALE LOGTEC analyses complex processes, plans efficient workflows, finds technical answers and calculates their cost-benefit ratio. Ideas, any necessary test set-ups and, ultimately, efficient solutions are created in trusting cooperation with the customer.

To this end, SCHMALE LOGTEC is happy to provide engineering, design, production, installation and efficiency control all from a single source.

“Custom solutions such as innovative separating buffers are based on understanding the process, know-how and commitment.”


  • Made-to-measure solutions

  • Highly efficient processes

  • Scalable system that grow with demands

  • Planning and budget security