Automated systems

Easy by means of gravity

Gravity channels are used in various automated systems. SCHMALE LOGTEC supplies the necessary components and can handle all engineering work including test set-ups and assembly if required.

AKL flow channels

These flow channels for automatic small part warehouses are made up of angle supports and roller tracks. The solid entry guides are integrally moulded, their lateral guidance is matched precisely to the containers. Backstops, brake ramps and pockets that hold the roller tracks as well as switches for alternating channel technology guarantee safe operation. The special design of the brake ramp protects the roller strips in the removal area. The special design for attachment to the rack supports allows very fast assembly at the building site.

Shuttle flow channels

The solid shuttle flow channels from SCHMALE LOGTEC are first choice when it comes to putting loading units into and out of storage or re-storing them using vehicles. The channels are filled via shuttles, items are removed manually. The flow frames are integrated in the racks, the channels fitted with entry guides and lateral guidances. A transition gap guarantees safe operation. Pick-by-light displays and access monitoring allow document-free order picking for each channel.

“Where standard is not sufficient, custom solutions and automated systems make highly efficient workflows possible.”


AKL flow channels

  • Very fast assembly

  • With angled supports and roller strips

  • Lateral guidance matched to containers

  • Moulded entry guides

Shuttle flow channels

  • Filling with shuttles, manual removal

  • Flow frame integrated into racks

  • Lateral guidance and moulded entry guides

  • Integration of pick-by-light displays and access monitoring possible

Organize logistics processes

At SCHMALE LOGTEC logistics processes do not adapt to the gravity roller tracks, but the gravity roller tracks adapt to the logistics processes.

Separating buffer

The separating buffers form the interface between production or picking and shipping. Goods that arrive in any order are sorted according to type or order-related in flow channels. Loading and unloading are fully automatic with lifting devices, shuttles or telescopic forks. Gravity flow channels are used as buffers; if required, separating devices are possible. SCHMALE LOGTEC supplies all components for the shuttle integration and also takes over the engineering of the steel construction as well as the assembly.

Pallet roller tracks

Moving heavy-weights by means of gravity

SCHMALE LOGTEC also supplies standard and special solutions for heavy weights. The standardised roller tracks are available for flow or push back, and as floor-standing tracks or integrated in the rack. They are usually fitted with continuous rollers that are adapted to the dimensions and weights of the pallets. All custom solutions are specially adapted, for example for crossways pallet conveying, variable pallet dimensions, special types of replenishment and removal, or easy accessibility of the floor for cleaning.

„Heavy-duty roller tracks store, sort, buffer and move all possible loading units.“


Separating buffer

  • Engineering, delivery and assembly

  • Delivery of the shuttle-integration

  • Automation with lifting devices, shuttles and telescopic forks

  • Flow channels as a buffer

Pallet roller tracks

  • Manual order picking

  • Loaded with rack operating equipment

  • Very safe thanks to separating equipment and back-feed safeguards